BOOK REVIEW◎ I Love You Since 1892 by Binibining Mia

“I was born on 1996
and he was born on 1871
and we’ve been loving each other since 1892″

“Ang ating Pag iibigan ay muling maisusulat sa huling pagkakataon… at ito ang kahilingan ko…”

This is my first time reviewing a Filipino novel. Dude! This one can even rocks the Philippine Film Industry! It contains historical, Romance and action combined. It is unparalleled. I can’t even forget the plot to think its been three (3) years since I had read it.

I will tell you the two sparkling couple of this story: Juanito Alfonso and Carmelita Montecarlos

Carmelita Montecarlos is from the present time. She was transported to the past year 1892. In Philippine culture women shouldn’t be reckless with their actions. They are very conservative!

With Carmelita’s bratty and sassy temparament, makes it diffucult for her to adopt her current situation.

Her meeting with Juanito Alfonso is pretty awkward. Carmelita wanted to escape her room. In a middle of the night , she climbed down the window of her house but her saya makes it harder for her to move.

The official national costume of Filipina women is called Baro at Saya (Baro’t Saya), also known as Filipiniana. 

When he saw the man (Juanito) in front of her house she cries for help. Juanito thought she’s a thief and plans to let his dog eat her. But soon realize it’s a woman…a woman. They stared at each other.

Juanito felt shy and look away.

In Filipino culture a single man and woman shouln’t stare at each other. Touching is prohibited in opposite sex. The woman’s skin should be covered. Carmelita break this law.

I enjoyed the entire book. I cried and laugh, truly made me silly. Haha! It is one of my favorite in wattpad. I hope more people could read this as they won’t be disappointed. Filipinos should really support this one as it promotes their history and culture.

BOOK REVIEW◎The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

QUOTES I like:

“It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be.”

“When hope is gone time is punishment.”

“Time is not something you give back. The very next moment may be an answer to your prayer. To deny that is to deny the most important in the future.”

Dor…Dorrr… it’s all your fault. Now we’re in a total calamity. Haha kidding!

This is a story about Father time. Never heard of it? Ok don’t be shock. I know you are surprised. As expected. So, I’m gonna tell you a bit about this thing.

This is a story about Father Time. A story about the man named Dor who starts measuring time, something he better shouldn’t do.

Back then, there’s no xbox, Ipad or Iphone to play Mobile Legends maybe this idiot got so bored and took a hobby and discovered time. He became OBSESSED with it.

One day, the King came to him to ask for his help on this tower he is working on. The King thought of his gadgets he use to measure time would help for his project since he was building it to reach the heaven.

So complicated.

Dor refused.

Soon after his wife Ali, got sick and died, Dor stormed off towards the Tower of Babel and climbed the steps, he wanted to have a word with God-he wanted more time with his wife.

But God got so angry that he crashed the tower and sticking Dor in a cave for 6000 years. He didn’t age a day. Didn’t need food, water or sleep. All he can hear is people lusting about time. Boring.

Eventually he is granted freedom again with a mission: Teaching two people on earth the true meaning of time.

A typical Mitch Albom book. Which are supposed to learn lesson from it. I found this book appealing, wonderful and unique as it reinforces the importance of being in the moment and being grateful for those moments, whether they are good or bad. The shortness of the sentence is the strength of this book. Short and precise but understandable. I will definitely read this shit again.

BOOK REVIEW◎The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

Quotes I like:

Sorry I have no will to copy paste the text just for the sake of ya. So complicated ya know!

I knew this book since I was 13 years old. It was there lying on my boardmates table. As a kid driven by curiosity seeing the title, it’s the very first book I want to possess badly.

After 6 years…Finally!

Thanks to the stranger who shared its PDF. I’m really grateful to those generous people specifically the pdfgiver, the book giver, the money givehem!

In the beginning, there’s an old man named Eddie. He died after the accident on the pier. He met five(5) people in heaven.

1. The blueman

2. Captain

3. Ruby

4. His wife

5. A kid

What character I pitied the most? The blueman. The contempt of people because of his appearance how sad he must be. As a growing child yearning for affection of his father…I felt his loneliness. How long he has been struggling, maybe God ended him for this reason. He had been through a lot.

Each thought him a lesson. Not everyone is familiar to him. So when Ruby appeared, I laugh really hard. If only my smile could reach the ceiling. Haha! I even thought of her as his mistress! Ridicolous.

I got disappointed with the fifth child though. Like wth?! I never expect this creature to show up. I even thought of:


2. Dominguez

3. Me

The possibilities.

The book is ok. A page turner that made me occupied for four (4) hours more or so. My elder sister and mom even scolded me for that. Afcourse, I scold them too!

This book is indeed captivating. We are connected. We sometimes walk through hundreds of people in life, with the tought of them as strangers. But all of us starts with that. Right?

We are connected. No one is alone. We are a family bound to meet in heaven. And I’m thinking if its only right not to be selfish showing affection to a stranger. Anyway I’m not some sort of an angel though.